We supply most modern equipments for marine, freshwater, reef and planted aquariums.


Unlike bodies of water in nature, an aquarium is a relatively small amount of water. Filters certainly help, but if not maintained filters become clogged and can cause more harm than good. Meanwhile fish continue to produce waste, uneaten food decays, and potentially harmful by products slowly build up. The only way an aquarium will remain clean is if you take the time to perform maintenance. We undertake all type on Aquarium maintenance work in a highly professional way.

A few words about Marine Aqua World

We are a company, first of its kind in India, engaged in designing, installation and maintenance Of marine, fresh water, reef and planted aquariums. Undoubtedly, a aquarium adds value to your lifestyle. Whether the living or dining room of your home, lobby of a hotel, reception of the hospital, common space in an institution, foyer of an apartment or cinema hall, atrium of a shopping mall or any place where style and attraction matters aquarium fits best. Marine Aqua World is a company committed to customer delight through quality and perfection. We supply tank breaded clown fishes, tropical and imported marine, fresh water, reef and planted aquariums. We also supply the most modern equipments for marine fresh water, reef and planted aquariums.

Marine Aqua World takes pride that any type of aquarium can be custom designed by us according to client's requirements. You may contact us for more details.